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Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011


Each morning I roll out of bed,leaving behind my soft sheets and pillows.
All of which are scented with rose water I might add..a trick My Grandmother taught me. From my bed I can see the lovely garden my husband has provided me.. I then bow my curly head and give praise to the powers above and within for allowing me to see another day of life.
I then walk to my garden to start my field trip in which I look for the simple things in life. My camera is my voice when I am not able to find the words...I photograph these simple things in life, because to me..they are priceless. I can not buy them, make them or store them for later. Its now or never when I see a photogaph in the garden. Time changes the garden and each day it brings me a new view to photograph, love and be thankful for.

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