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Freitag, 4. April 2008

This how Aunt Pamela drives,


This is how my Aunt Pamela drives..head tilted, to create volume and using the fingers to fluff up the hair.. all while going 65 and spraying her hair with AUQA NET , smoking and applying eyeshadow. I joke, but she did have a mishap
this week. I am so happy she is ok ... the good news is, this has given me some great things to tease her about.
You see, she is the only single sister I have at this point and she has a life that reminds me of myself at a younger age. She has given me my youth back just watching her on most days. When I ask her if she going in reverse at 65 or 35 as she told dad..lol.. she said" like thats a bad thing"
Oh to be young AGAIN..ROFLMAO
Loves you Pamela!
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