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Freitag, 4. April 2008

Pack a lunch on this one


The Canyons I play often and this hole has yet to wave a white flag! Its long, all sides roll toward the water or canyon. It's been a war between this hole and I. I have lost more pink balls, which I love..in the canyon that it looks like a Easter basket down there. I hope the Jack Rabbits like the colour pink..if not maybe they will toss them back on the green on my next round...I thought about changing to the bright yellow balls, but then it would just look like wildflowers down there and the tourist would be taking photos of what they think is flowers only to get home find out they had a photo of all my balls..each marked with the words " thinkZen" ..
So if you find a ball maked THINKZEN..leave it at the pro shop with Mark the pro..lol He will know who to give it to.. as he is the one that told me to be calm and think zen as I swing...I am thinking maybe to mark them crapper!
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