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Donnerstag, 3. April 2008

next door


You see in Nevada we do not have lawns that cross, just guard dogs, high fench and a canyon between us.
I do not have a guard dog , just a cock eyed spaniel as Desi would say.lol

But we do have as you see a canyon.. which I spend a bit of time walking in. It is there where I find peace,where I can scream when upset and no one knows..where the dog and I giggle and where one day I will be put to rest. Ash to ash they say.. with my luck my ash's will be let go in grand style only to land on the tire track of some 4x4 with a Florida( florabama) tag on it. Oh well, thats life or rather the end of it.. I laugh and giggle then remember as I sit here that some where out there my friends Desi and Patrick must be doing the same when they think of me in the dirt rather than the Ocean..ROFLMAO

Jokes on you, I still wear my heels in the dirt and still wear nailpolish! lol I'll be the redhead in the jeep with a redhead dog who wears goggles as we head done RiverRoad in Mesquite.
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