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Donnerstag, 1. November 2007

We leave for Las Cruces new Mexico in the A.M.
I hope to photograph the mountains and working people of the land while there.
But for some reason, I have had a number of dreams about a spanish church and think maybe i will find it on this trip.
Like so many of my dreams, they call me to different old world lands. Most of the time when I get there, I find what was in my dream and it has a lesson for me to learn.
This trip is also to look at the area and homes . I hope this will be a place I can retire to once in for all. I have tried a few areas only to find that the people were not like minded or toxic to me.

Odd how a town can be so pretty, yet the people make it ugly in a short time with crime and drugs. We as humans have done this often to the lands and sea's. I feel sorry for the people coming up in todays world. They will never know what it was like to be in a calm, honest town.
Have clean air and water..which is all our fault. We as older people have torn and abused this old world and what we are leaving the young is what makes me sick.

We baby boombers need to back up and re-group. Fix our mistakes and leave this earth maybe a bit better than we found it. In my next life I hope i come back as my sisters dog...well taken care of and not able to learn about greed or wars. I hope as her dog I learn the meaning of unconditional love, the art of playing and the ablity to make someone smile. I know a dog or two like that...Max, Louis , Bridgett and Princess all have taught me the best lessons in life.

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