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Freitag, 9. November 2007

Snorkle Monster

I never shoot anything ,but could If if I saw a scottsman down there(JM)...lol
Photo was taken of me by J.M. Melton on Ono Island at a house I lived in. Great island but in the path of too many storms and too close to the Flora Bama in Orange beach alabama which has great music but not my cup of tea as far as people. I am sure there are some fine ones there. I simply saw a number of players and drunks which sent me running...all the way back North..lol I guess i rather face the snow and desert than the games played in that area. As I have said The Bama has some wonderful artist...its just too bad that the drunks make it hard to hear them as they work so hard on stage. While there, you may be seated next to a biker,movie star,or priest One never knows. But in all the artist are not given the respect they so deserve. Jonny Barbotos has been there a number of years. His voice is as smooth as honey and yet the locals seem to take it for little value...that he shares this talent. Should you go to the Bama, Listen to the voice of Johnny and tell him I sent you...Trizia

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