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Mittwoch, 7. November 2007

Las Cruces New Mexico!

We have found a wonderful town. Small by our standards in size but so big in other ways.
The people are happy, smile all the time and for the most part this town is a blessing.
The only down fall we found was that the golf clubs are not in great shape.
But the local artist and local people are by far worth the trip.
We did look at a large number of homes while there. Found one I loved in Sonoma Hills but the golf club there is public. One thing we were loooking for was a private club and home in the same area.

If your looking for a great buy in real estate try Sonoma Ranch! I found a new home for 412,00 that would have sold for a easy mill in Montana. But the problem was no private club! I almost cried. Playing golf on a daily basis can be very expensive if you do not do so at a private club.

I am not giving up on New Mexico..But the club was top of my list.
The town is clean, well planned out..the traffic is almost none . There is anything you could need in this town. And El Paso is only 45 mins away. I will post some photos later..but this time I just returned home and need some sleep....Long flight. Above photo is a Roadrunner Bird that landed next to me...

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