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Montag, 12. November 2007

How my IPOD saved my life.

I am in snow today. Not that I mind, I find it rather pleasing.
I will be in the desert in a few weeks and that thought is also pleasing. What is not pleasing is the thought of the trip itself. Airports full of rude people. People
who use cell phones and talk on them as if evey one needs to hear. I am sorry, but I do not need to know who or what you did last night. Nor do i care to know about your boss and how much you hate him. Nor do I care about what designer dress you just got on sale..

Sitting next to me on my last trip , was a lady who talked as if there was not time in the world to get her story out. She told me, the lady next to me and the lady behind us. We all knew she was a teacher and this was her 1st ski trip.
We all knew she was 34 and Gay. Something that did not matter to me... Had she told me she was on a trip to save the whales or oceans I might have spoken more to her.

By the middle of the flight I had made myself plug in the IPOD and listen to Calming sea music. All while she tried to talk to me. All I could see was her lips moving and the sound of the humphback whale in my head. Not a pretty visual mind you.

Had it not been for the ipod I might have said or done something rude myself..like ask her to read or find a new friend. There is much to be said for a good Ipod.
It can save your marriage, flight or if your lucky drown out the early christmass song that now play every where I go. You know the songs that make no sense and the people that sing them in the line behind you, truly shouldn't.

With all said I will adjust my ipod and call every one in for a meeting of the minds.

Stay safe and be happy

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