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Freitag, 9. November 2007

Enya at her best.

I am mostly Irish( 3/4) so it may be no surprise to many that I adore Enya and her wonderful music. My life is made up of art and music. Leaving little room for much more these days.

While I do enjoy the travel I am doing , I hope to one day take my soul and heart home to Irelend. Where my two brothers now live , where my GrandMother and hers came from. Where i dream of moss covered rocks, green lanes and people who understand my deep desire to write,sing and paint. And maybe play too much golf.lol
Its simply me...

Being married to a Austrian/German has taught me another life but in a good way. Unlike the Scott and Italians I have known. I have walked many a ocean side,climbed mountains and my eyes have seen more than most.
Before I close my eyes for the last time I hope they see the home land in a sunset on Dublin.

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